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Well it’s all go at the moment! I have recently finished my five treks, on five deserts, on five continents, raising well over £4,000 for The Big C Cancer Charity. I finished off in the Mojave in the USA having started in the Atacama in August last year. I am in the process of writing a book about this which will be available later this year. I have also just published my second children’s book, The Music Man’s Songbook 2, which was beautifully illustrated by my good friend Chris Skinner. These are available from the website. I have been commissioned to write the biography of an extraordinary man from Norfolk, whose wartime experiences will, I hope be inspiring to all who read the book. More on this to follow soon. I am coming to the end of writing my latest novel The Man Who Made Them Happy a poignant tale of an old man coming to terms with his guilt by giving his friends what they have always desired. It’s set in nursing home on Shetland and is based, in part, on two true stories. Later this year Eyrie press will publish my latest Novella, Silence and Songbirds. You can watch a little video on my Facebook page about this. Hopefully the book will be out this autumn.

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