As a multi-instrumentalist I have a number of differing roles which have brought a great deal of joy. I have written hundreds of pieces of music in many styles for an array of purposes and occasions. I have released ten albums/EPs as either a solo artist or as a member of a group. Stylistically, these cover genres such as folk, jazz, pop, solo piano music, world music, rock and roll, children’s music and much more.

I have worked with cancer sufferers and people with special educational needs in a voluntary capacity, which was personally rewarding. As a musician, I have fronted my own band, performed keyboards in a successful function band, played a number of instrument (guitar, charango, ukulele, banjo, keys, melodica, harmonica) in the acoustic band HUSH, performed the lead role in a production of Guys and Dolls and taken the main baritone part in Faure’s Requiem. I have also written music for an award winning student play, which was performed at the National Theatre in London. Academically, I have an undergraduate degree from the University of Leeds and a master’s degree from Sheffield University, where I composed classical music for the Cornelius Cardew Ensemble.

The Girl in the Spotlight £5.99 

  1. My Fifth Avenue
  2. When I Hear Autumn Leaves
  3. They Didn’t Believe Me
  4. Winter’s Farewell
  5. The Girl In the Spotlight
  6. Written on My Face
  7. Remember This Moment
  8. I Hate…
  9. Let It Be North
  10. Here She Comes
  11. Mackerel Sky
  12. Nearly You

The Troubadour Ballads £5.99

1. Look Busy (Jesus is Coming)
2. Janitor
3. OAP
4. Just Talking
5. Partner
6. Jesus Take Your Time
7. The God-Forsaken Lands
8. Gypsy Kiss
9. Philistine Blues
10. Cuidate Paisano

…If We Run and Run £5.99

1. Last Mistake
2. Grace
3. Only the Sun
4. Dandelion
5. Love Me, Leave Me
6. Poor Cloud
7. Wake Up Call
8. Hinterland
9. The Sculpture
10. Summer Willow
11. Two Cartographers
12. Rubber Knife
13. Two Friends
14. Weekday Afternoon

The In-Between Worlds £5.99

1. Should’ve Been Better Than This
2. She Stole My Days
3. All in a Line
4. What Colour Will You Wear Tonight?
5. The In-Between Worlds
6. Little Hands
7. Song For the Short of Innocence
8. Ten Little Men
9. Flowers in the Attic
10. Phone Booth
11. The Ballad of David and Goliath
12. Loneliness is Just a Place to Start
13. A Kind of Loving

Hush £5.99



Playing Beneath The Havelock House £5.99

1. The Girl in Her Bed On the Beach (Part 1)
2. Leaving Papakura
3. Taranaki
4. Raining in Wellington
5. The Ferry
6. Playing Beneath the House
7. Havelock
8. Picton
9. Rotarua Springs
10. Saying Bye Bye
11. The Return
12. Playing Beneath the House (Refrain)
13. The Girl in Her Bed On the Beach, Pt. 2
14. Lake Taupo

Isolated Incidents £5.99

1. Isolated Incidents
2. The Pain You Built
3. The Grave Digger’s Hoe-down
4. Brandy’s Burlesque
5. What If Moses Walked Away?
6. Carrion Crow
7. Everyone’s Still
8. Talking in Your Sleep
9. Where’s My Boy?
10. Which Way Does the Wheel Turn?
11. Your Cloud
12. Robin
13. One Step Away
14. Long Drive

Albatross Bay £5.99

1. The Slightest Spark
2. The Steppes of My Mind
3. Life Going Up
4. You Did It
5. It’s Close
6. Albatross Bay
7. Walk On the Beach
8. North Shore
9. My Father’s Portrait
10. Amber Moon
11. Freedom Lullaby
12. Waves and Curls
13. Up the Coast to Mosquitia
14. Safety